What is the Purpose of Life?- Part 2

journey will continue even after this lifetime, even after this body is dropped. The nature of the Nature is to evolve. Nature is already evolving, it's a very natural process of continuous refinement and expansion of the consciousnesses, about knowing the deeper truths, and also about attaining higher levels of  aliveness or energy. Each individual has its own journey to pursue. Now, being in this body, suddenly, you have an opportunity of accelerating your evolution, which is already happening on its own .
Let’s take an example of an automatic car to explain this. While driving an automatic car, if you put the car in the drive gear and lift your foot from the brake pedal; at a very slow snail-like pace the car moves forward, but in the same car, the creator has put high-speed gears and accelerator. And using these beautiful instruments of the accelerator-brake-clutch-steering wheel, you can cover a large distance in a short time. This is exactly how this  opportunity of being in the human form is..! The evolution which is already happening for you by default, can be speeded up. To optimize and speed up this process of becoming more and more mature, refined and expanded -  we can make this a purpose of this lifetime, while being in the human form.