Maintaining utmost reverence and respect, when a sincere student performs these sacred ceremonies of meditation, the individual consciousness experiences freedom from deep impressions, release of negative emotions, instantaneous enhancement of energy, profound peace and tranquility at mental and emotional levels.

In a ruffled restless scattered mind, cluttered with thoughts, emotions and impressions, deeper realisations cannot happen.

Meditation creates the required stillness, emptiness and focus in your inner world, where subtler insights can occur; it creates a fertile platform for higher truth to dawn.

For a beginner it may require initial committed efforts, but as you start experiencing the fruits of it, the practice becomes effortless resulting in an explosive expansion of the consciousness.

Invoking Infinity

Invoking infinity process is a very divine process in which an individual soul experiences the vastness of its very own existence. In our day to day life we all have to go through some situations, sometime pleasant and unpleasant which leave impression on the individual consciousness. This whole of IIP process is to release unwanted impression from our human consciousness and become free of all the negative emotions tendencies and experience our own self.

The more you will understand the human mind, the more you will become aware of the unlimited possibilities of your consciousness and the more you will become willing to explore the divinity within yourself and invoke the infinity in a deeper manner.

The process of your evolution can be divided into 2 steps: 1. Negative to Neutral: Releasing whatever is not worth keeping in your life. 2. Neutral to Positive: Invoking all the beautiful flavours you want in your consciousness.

Through the ‘Invoking Infinity’ technique, you can release everything that you want to drop from your consciousness; from negative emotions to thoughts, conversations, past impressions, tendencies, likes & dislikes and any flavour of ego! You can also invoke whichever flavour you want to in your consciousness whenever and wherever you want, at will on demand to make your life a celebration.

Your willingness to be free… is your qualification to be free!

This technique will work only if you are sitting with an intention to be free. As you do this process regularly, the grip of any tendency on your mind would start loosening up and it will get reflected in your life. You will be able to see that tendency getting triggered in lesser frequency and with lower intensity. That is the sign that your consciousness is becoming freer and freer and freer! The secret is that the emptier your consciousness is, the more happy and more available it is. The more empty your mind is, the happier it is, and more available it is to do whatever you want to do with it.

Fountain of Love

A beautiful and effortless meditation to give you an experience of your true complete nature. You yourself whole and completely are a fountain of joy bliss and love! When you tap the infinity, the nature bestows you with love, bliss and celebration in abundance. Soak in this meditation to overcome the negativities and the botherations which are restricting the experience of you life. Become the fountain of love and unveil the Ultimate experience for yourself.