Celebrating Life

The universe has bestowed limitless powers and infinite siddhis in the human consciousness. Along with being effective and successful in your personal and professional spheres, the purpose of human life is also to ensure the complete blossoming ofyour individual consciousness.

In "Celebrating Life", Rishi Nityapragya offers the secrets to explore your infinite potential within ... This book will give you intricate understanding of negative emotions and harmful tendencies, and help you in being free from them. It will also guide you in learning to invoke life beautifying flavours like enthusiasm, love, compassion, truth etc, whenever and wherever you want. 'Celebrating Life' is an intensely honest expedition to be a master of circumstances and 'Make Your Life a Celebration

“Celebrating life is an intense and honest expedition. As well as a lesson on how you can be a master of circumstances and make your life a celebration!”

Rishi Nityapragya

Step 1: Understanding the Collective consciousness, the Universe, the Brahman!

Step 2: Intricate understanding of your individual consciousness ( 3 functions of mind, 5 functions of intellect, 2 layers of memory, 11 favours of ego) and realising how these instruments of mind-intelligence-memory-ego, create the experience ofyour own life.

Step 3: Recognising the villains, the harmful tendencies, the 6 enemies of your consciousness and their dangerous effects on your life. Shadripu (6 enemies): Kaam-Lust, Krodh-Anger, Lobh-Greed, Moh-Atachment, Mad-Flavours of ego, Matsar-Jealousy

Step 4: How to be free from all these negative emotions, harmful tendencies and binding perspectives of your life.

Step 5: Identifying the benevolent activities that blossom your consciousness.
I. Sadhana: Your personal practice to heighten your kundalini shakti and enrich your own consciousness through the experience of meditation and samadhi (Dhyan Yoga)
II. Satsang:
-Exploring the deepest secrets and highest truths oflife ( Gyan Yoga)
- Invoking devotion and thankfulness towards the divine through singing and chanting (Bhakti Yoga)
III. Seva: Trough self-less service becoming an instrument of the Divine, to bring transformation in people's lives (Karma Yoga)

Step 6: Designing your life: Optimum utilization of this unique opportunity of being in the human body to create the life that you want. The nature has already bestowed all the inner abilities, siddhis that are necessary for any human being to explore divinity within themselves.