Author. Spiritual Scientist.
A Student of Life!

Inspiring to live a life of Belongingness, Responsibility, Truth and Celebration!

Your Life... Your Choices... Your Responsibility...

Let’s make lives a celebration by choosing to walk the path of
Dharma... the most benevolent way of living life!

Along with being effective and successful in your personal and professional spheres, the purpose of human life is also to ensure the complete blossoming of your individual consciousness.

Explore the science of the existence, the dynamics of the consciousness and the
infinite powers that the nature has bestowed upon each soul to optimally utilise the precious
opportunity of this human birth to achieve the highest.

Get oriented in practical wisdom,
experience deep meditations, soak yourself in soulful music...

take responsibility of blossoming of your consciousness and
the fellow beings to experience your true Divine nature.


Dharma is to cultivate and maintain your inner happiness, purity and positivity inspite of the challenging circumstances in the outer world of people, things and situations.



Celebrating Life

Celebrating life is an intense and honest expedition.

As well as a lesson on how you can be a master of circumstances and make your life a celebration!



Rishi means a seer, an explorer, a mentor... this modern Rishi can be rightly described as a ‘Spiritual Scientist’ who had a charismatic personality with a child like innocence and was always seen bursting with love and energy. He lived his life with a never dying enthusiasm to serve humanity.

Rishiji’s life was an epitome of celebration with the beautiful flavours of belongingness, responsibility and truth.

Rishiji’s message… “To live life while recognising your true nature… is what Dharma is!”

Rishiji described himself as, “A student of Life”!

Soak in devotion, bliss and celebration with Rishiji’s soulful and enchanting voice.