Rishi Nityapragyaji

Rishi means a seer, an explorer, a mentor... this modern Rishi can be rightly described as a ‘Spiritual Scientist’ who had a charismatic personality with a child like innocence and was always seen bursting with love and energy. He lived his life with a never dying enthusiasm to serve humanity.

Rishiji’s life was an epitome of celebration with the beautiful flavours of belongingness, responsibility and truth.

His extraordinarily transformative formulas of ‘Swadhyay- Self Exploration’ continue to help souls explore their “infinite potential within” to beautify all the areas of life.

In the course of his spiritual explorations, he found music to be a medium to invoke different aspects of divinity that humanity seeks to attain- including devotion, bliss, joy, celebration and silence.

Every soul who would meet Rishiji would effortlessly get inspired to live the path of Dharma.

‘Dharma’ as Rishiji explains is optimally utilising this extremely valuable opportunity of having a human body for one’s own blossoming, for experiencing divinity and also for being an instrument for others’ blossoming so that they can also experience their own Divinity within.

Rishiji’s message… “To live life while recognising your true nature… is what Dharma is!”

Rishiji described himself as, “A student of Life”!

A soul getting established in its true nature is a rejoice for the whole existence.

Rishi Nityapragya