How to lift self-confidence

First of all, look at the design of your failures. Suppose, if you take up something which you havent done before, then as a result, at that moment, there is uncertainty about what to do and what not to do. Its a confusing situation. If you keep persevering and take responsibility for completing the job and you did not get the same result as you expected, we are calling it a failure. But actually, what is happening in that process of getting lesser results, your intellect is going to understand that job even better and if you take up that same job for the second time, you will see that you are able to do it easily.

What your intelligence is fathoming, figuring out, and understanding that subject will always become a platform for you to do the same thing better the next time. So, I am saying, is it actually a failure?  I will say it's a lesser success. Thats why it is said that failure actually is a stepping stone to success. It is not a failure but only a result that you did not anticipate or expect.

Take responsibility:

It is not a failure but only a result that you did not anticipate or expect. But if you do the same job again then it becomes a foundation stone for success. Ignorant people take the burden of that one negative event and make an assumption and they ruin their own life. Which people? The stupid people. For example, failures became the stepping stones to your success, and later you achieved success then similarly if you have a lack of self-confidence then see how this game plays out.

Sometimes because of the fear of failure, you dont take responsibility, sometimes you run away from taking responsibility because of a lack of self-confidence. I say that there is a lack of confidence in you, thats why you do not take responsibility and because you dont take responsibility, there is a lack of confidence. Its a vicious cycle.

Three obstacles in your life:

You will see the exact opposite whenever in spite of a lack of confidence in yourself, you have taken up some big responsibility that has built faith in you about yourself. The amount of confidence keeps on increasing, it creates a stepping stone for you to take on even bigger responsibilities. Your confidence will keep growing by taking on responsibilities that lead you to take on even bigger responsibilities. This is the Amrit Chakra, which is also available. I am saying once again that stupid people do not take responsibility because of a lack of confidence. Who..? Stupid ones. Are you listening to me? For blossoming your life. There are only 3 obstacles:

First is Pramad - Lethargy, Laziness, Inertia, Arrogance of Ignorance.

The second is the fear of failure

The third is a lack of knowledge about ones own self.

The solution to all three obstacles is to take responsibility and jump into action.

How to be Self Confident without being Arrogant:

Live a life full of responsibilities. If you try to invoke any qualities in your consciousness the advantages are often accompanied by disadvantages. Along with responsibilities, you also get extraordinary powers. You will live a powerful life but arrogance & doership might increase in you.

Life is a two-sided coin:

If you live a life full of love, you will live a life of contentment. But with love comes vulnerability. Love is accompanied by pain. It is a two-sided coin. Weak-minded people drop love because of the fear of pain. What I am saying is suppose in the process of invoking self-confidence, the coin flips its side & you become arrogant, you still have Sadhana, Satsang, and Seva. You also have Observe, Filter & Surrender. Drop it.

Let it grow:

What I am saying is taking bigger responsibilities & doing bigger seva may trigger ego. But not taking responsibility because of this fear is foolishness. I am saying let it grow. Well see what to do about it. We can fine-tune it together.

Remember this formula: Everything in the world is a two-sided coin. Because of the advantages, we include things, emotions, and activities and get connected to them. And for the inevitable disadvantages, we prepare our minds in advance. This is the Art of Living.

Prepare yourself for the disadvantages:

We include anything in our life for the advantage of it and from the beginning, we prepare our minds for the disadvantage which is anyway going to come inevitably. Prepare yourself in advance. Foolish people give importance to disadvantages. Intelligence is to include things & activities because of the advantages and prepare yourself for the disadvantages.