What is the purpose of this existence?

Have you ever wondered- What does it mean to be a human being? What is the purpose of this existence?

Let us look at the game of life from a broader perspective and understand this process of Evolution. The existence, the Universe is made up of consciousness and so are we. To cite an analogy, this existence-the Brahman-the Universe is an ocean of consciousness and the souls are  the waves in the ocean. A birthday song given to us by Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji is such an apt expression of the reality. He says, "Today is the day, the wave remembers the ocean…", meaning the soul-individual Consciousness identifies its true self as the Universal consciousness. Whether it be the individual Consciousness or the Universal consciousness, the Consciousness itself has these three beautiful attributes of Sat, Chit and Anand. Each one of us is alive. For each one of us- happiness or bliss is ingrained in our nature. Each one of us has the ability & the desire to know the truth and we have already known so much thus far. 

Stages of evolution:

If you look at your life at an individual level, it is this flow of life that is going on since uncountable lifetimes. The wise Seers, the Rishis have categorized all the 'stages of evolution' and called them 'Yonis.' So, if you consider the evolution of your soul, you might have been an amoeba or a bacteria or a rock somewhere; you would have passed hundreds or even thousands of years in such a form and then slowly evolved, changing Yonis. Changing stages of evolution from the stone stage to plant yoni to insect stage to bird yoni to animal stage, finally, now you have come to this human stage. This eternal journey will continue even after this body is dropped and over the course of this journey, what has happened to your consciousness is what the process of evolution indeed is. Your knowingness, your ability to know has been enhanced. Your energy is vibrating at much higher levels. And the different flavours of Bliss in your Consciousness, have matured and blossomed: from devotion to valour- love- compassion-dispassion, all these are beautiful flavours of bliss.