Observe - Filter - Surrender - the 3 step process!!!


Moment to moment to moment..... life is going on. In every moment, there are 2 sections to your life - The outer world and the inner world. Outer world is made up of people, situation & things. The inner world is made up of Mind, Intelligence, Memory and Ego. With different people and in different situations, different flavors come up in you . If you observe your inner flavors minutely, there is a lot of repetitiveness in it. Same flavors are coming up in you again and again and again. These are called habits, tendencies or patterns (Vrittis). For eg. If you have the habit of getting angry, though you may feel that somebody's behavior is making you angry, the fact is that you already have the tendency or habit to get angry, that's why you experience anger. If you did not have the habit of anger, the same behavior from somebody would not make you angry. Some completely different experiences would happen.

Habits are different for everyone:

Sometimes you feel there is a possibility of something going wrong in a situation that is making you worried. I am saying you are worrying because of your habit of worrying. If you did not have the tendency to worry, the same situation will not make you worried, you will experience something else. In the same kind of situation, every individual's experience is SO DIFFERENT because everyone's habits are very different.

"People, situations, or things in the outer world are merely triggering already existing habits in you."

There are two types of habits (Vrittis). Habits that are harmful for your life (Klisht Vrittis) and habits that are beneficial for your life (Aklisht Vrittis). There are harmful and beneficial habits in all 3 aspects of your life -

'Manasa'- at the emotion level

'Vacha'- at the speech level

'Karmana'- at the action level

These positive and negative tendencies immensely influence the quality of your life.

Now let us see how these habits are formed.

Your repetitive indulgence in any activity either at Manasa or Vacha or Karmana aspect, create these habits. The habits of anger, worries, enthusiasm, or caring are all because we have repetitively experienced these flavors in the past. If you want to be free from any harmful tendency and if you committedly keep dropping that flavor from your mind, gradually that habit will loose its grip on your mind. There is a simple, yet extremely powerful 3 step process if you want to be free from harmful tendencies.


OBSERVE: Keep a watch on your inner atmosphere. In different situations, with different people, whatever flavors are coming up in you, keep on observing them.


FILTER: Whatever you observe, is happening in your inner atmosphere, apply a FILTER of intelligence (Vivek) on it. You decide, what is worth keeping and what is not worth keeping. These flavors come up in you because of your tendencies but as you learn to apply the filter of wisdom, you get the freedom to choose what you want to keep and what you want to drop. 


SURRENDER: Nature has given you this fantastic ability to let go, to surrender, to drop, to release. Simple technique to let go is to keep on taking long full breaths and with every outgoing breath, keep on releasing any thought, emotion, memory, judgement, or ego that you want to drop. Remember if THE FILE is big, it might take a little time TO DELETE. The delete button ALWAYS WORKS... and that is your OUTGOING BREATH. The only OBSTACLE in the process of releasing THE NEGATIVITY is YOUR OWN EGO!!! Ego doesn't want to drop stuff and be free. Ego THRIVES on blame. It wants to GLORIFY our own miseries. For More visit Rishi Nityapragya

The ego that blames others is "Victim consciousness" and the ego that blames oneself is "Guilt consciousness". Save your mind from these dangerous flavors of ego, i.e Guilt and Victim. If your ego is NOT WILLING to drop something, NO AMOUNT OF BREATHING will help you. "TO BE HAPPY" is our own responsibility. Let us learn to fulfill this BASIC HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY. Let us "OBSERVE, FILTER & SURRENDER" all reasons of unhappiness, negative emotions, garbage of the past, unnecessary ego (superiority and inferiority complexes), and BE FREE. All you need is the "Committed, Skillful, Effort" of "OBSERVE - FILTER - SURRENDER"!!! 

- Rishi Nityapragya