Your Beliefs and Judgement Create Your Reality

Your Beliefs and Judgement Create Your Reality

Human beings are the most miraculous creatures on this earth; we have the power of understanding, the power of gaining knowledge, and the power to express our thoughts. With this power, we can transform the world. However, our minds have this tendency to over analyzing a situation, another person, and everything else, and then pass a judgement on them. This nature of being judgemental is one aspect of being a human being, and the judgement we pass eventually becomes our reality. How? When we meet a person and think about him/her as mean and selfish, eventually he will react in a mean and selfish way. Why? It can be explained by the vibe you get from another person.

If you get a negative vibe your behaviour will turn negative, and if you get a positive vibe your behaviour will somehow turn positive. That person is also reacting in a mean and selfish way because your vibe around him was making him choose that behaviour. If you have chosen to see him in a positive light such as kind and sweet, his behaviour might have differed.

Judgements are created even without meeting the person:

Turn the situation on yourself, you might have experienced that your behaviour switches and changes every time you meet a different person, in front of your boss, you will be this smart, responsible person. In front of your kids, you will be goofy, happy, or a strict parent. In front of your parents, you will their little kid, who needs them. This change of behaviour or multi-faced personality is a part of human nature, as we all are like a diamond. As the Diamond have multi facts and when you look at one of them you can’t see another one clearly, similarly people also switch their personality according to their situation and the person they are in front of cannot see their other personality. So, you meet one side of that diamond, you create a judgement about the person to be the how you saw them the first time. Sometimes this judgement is created even without meeting that person. The judgement you create later turns into a loop and becomes your reality the next time, you meet.

Judgments are turning into positive actions:

We all have that one person, with whom we behave our best selves. Why we behave positively is because that person has the best thoughts and judgement about us, and their judgement turns into creating our positive actions. Also, some people get out the worst of our behaviour, and after meeting them we think that why did we behaved the way we did, this change in nature and the perceptions people have about each other is due to the lack of understanding, and some misunderstandings, which eventually make us doubt our behaviour and react negatively. To get a person to behave positively all we need to do is change our perceptions about him and believe that what we understand about him could be a limited knowledge, all you need to do is give him the benefit of doubt and trust that their action and your judgement can be a misunderstanding.

Perception of the world:

Similarly, our life events also revolve around this concept, we feel that the universe is sending us bad things only, failed careers, accidents, health issues, and the constant thinking that nothing good will occur in this world. This is our perception of this world, the facet in which we choose to see the world. On the other hand, expecting that universe will transfer good things in return is invalid, as what you get in return is dependent on what you give. Your life and your world change only if you choose to see it from a different facet, or maybe explore and open your minds to see all the facets of a diamond, by seeing every aspect of this world, whether it is positive or negative, we have to give it a chance of changing.

Concept of living a happy life:

This concept can be your way of living life if you want to live a happy life, choose to oversee the mistakes of your parents, your partner, your children and give every person a benefit of the doubt. The only problem in achieving it is that it requires you to become forgiving, you have to sacrifice your ego, and your negative thoughts, which will make you, see everyone through a positive lens, and end up in a loving and happy life.